Simtouch offer software development for your Company in Applications for Business and hardware production. Our development can allow you to run your business efficiently with applications that can cater for all angles of your business. Controlling things like stock (goods in-out) deliveries, sales, online purchasing, accounts, cash registers, mobile control, on the road stocks signatures deliveries all in one custom development. Database control / development leaving no redundancy, creating correct column types for faster querying. A typical large company needs to manage all angles of their business form one package. This we can offer. You accounts, sales ,payroll Time & Attendance, Clock in-out, online and in house sales , goods in- out , all this in just one custom development software for your business. Our development can cover both offline and online programs like web applications where there is no need to install on every Pc just call the application via web browser local or remotely. Whatever your needs are in Development we can offer you a competitive price and time frame and no job is too large or too complex for us. Please do note we offer our services for all countries and all languages.