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Welcome Pilots!

SimTouch add-ons for Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Prepar3D

SimTouch has many products for FSX and Prepar3D, all our products are external programs have true two way synchronisation between SimTouch and Flight Simulator X. Our add-ons for FSX  and Prepar3D are unique external programs for control of FSX aircraft. SimTouch brings the cockpit of your aircraft out to another monitor or 2nd pc allowing you to control the aircraft without using a mouse or keyboard. You can use a normal monitor or a touch screen monitor for more realistic feel. Other FSX add-ons are internal programs meaning they are only visible in Flight Simulator X, where SimTouch Products are external running programs outside of FSX and can be placed on a 2nd monitor or a 2nd PC for remote operation.
With powerful real time flying in Bing maps and full TCAS system showing all traffic aircraft on the maps in their exact flying heading magnetic degrees. Cockpit controls: Flaps, Landing gear, Trim wheel, TOGA , Speed brake arm button, Speed brake, parking brake.br />
Full aircraft lights: Beacon light, Navigation light, Landing lights, Strobe light, Panel light, Taxi light, Logo, Cabin, Recognition, Wing lights, No Smoking & Seat belts light.
Full Autopilot controls: Heading set, Altitude set, Vertical speed set, Speed & Mach set, Course set, Decision height set, Altimeter set, Auto throttle on/off, Speed hold, Vor hold, Altitude hold, Heading hold, Approach hold etc.
Full Radio Stack: Coms1, Coms2, Nav1, Nav2, Adf, Transponder.
Full ATC control: control ATC communication from SimTouch .
Data computer which allows you to view an airports runway information including ILS radio frequency , runway length, runway heading by simply entering the ICAO code for that airport. The Data computer also links up with the radio stack with just one press of a button the radio frequency will switch automatically to the radio stack.
Full external gauges for both commercial and light aircraft, SimTouch will automatically select the correct gauges for the type of aircraft being used.
Full control of the GPS is also included in SimTouch.
There are over 100 controls in both SimTouch Plus and SimTouch Plus2. On our Products Page you can view a demo video for each product to see exactly how it works.