Simtouch can develop your web-site with SEO, Excellent Design and online Shopping and more. Web-sites were typically a brochure for your business many years ago and with slow download speeds then performance was a big issue and imaging and design were at a minimum in order to display the page in a reasonable time to users. Well thank fully that day is gone and download speeds for most users are super-fast with today’s broadband and 4G mobile internet. Today’s web-sites usually play a much bigger role for companies it is the brochure, it is the online shop, it is the automated accounts, it is your business and it will be expected from your customers. We at Simtouch have years of experience in this area with Web teams broken into many skilled areas like development, design, security, Database Administration etc., we are full skilled to bring you the requirements for your business. If you are moving into this area of your business or setting up a new business talk to us we can bring you the package you will need. Please do note we offer our services to all countries and all languages.