Multi maps for Prepar3D & FSX

Realtime flying with many map providers pretty awesome ...

Prepar3D maps

Finn MultiMaps

only $24

Realtime flying with maps

Best map software for Flight Simulator

  •  Multiple Maps to use
  •  Your Aircraft & all Traffic
  •  TCAS Alerts
  •  Draw Flight Plan on Maps
  •  All surrounding airports
  •  All surrounding Heliports
  •  Local or Remote Pc
  •  Works with Prepar3D & FSX
  •  Automatic updates

Intro Video

google maps for Prepar3D

Multiiple Map Providers

Map Providers

Available maps built-in

  •  Open Street Maps
  •  Google Maps
  •  Bing Maps
  •  Yandex Maps
  •  Arc Maps
  •  Wikimapia Maps
Gooole maps for FSX

TCAS System

Live TCAS On Maps!

Full Traffic Collision Alerts

TCAS Alerts on Maps

  •  Set Distance Nautical Miles
  •  Various warning colors
  •  Audio Alerts
  •  Visual Alerts
  •  Precise traffic monitoring
  •  No Alerts of Aircraft on ground

 Finn Flight Real time flying maps for Prepar3D&FSX

  • Finn Flight Multimaps allows you to fly using many map providers.
  • Available maps you can use are OpenStreet Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yandex Maps, Arc Maps & Wikimapia Maps.
  • You can change from map provider at any time you choose, giving you real choice.
  • The maps will work on the same computer as Prepar3D / FSX or on a remote computer.
  • Finn Multimaps will show not only your plane on the map but also all other aircraft with exact heading.
  • TCAS system will show all aircraft, aircraft will change color when too near your aircraft with alert sounds & warnings.
  • Finn Multimaps work with flight simulator Prepar3D & FSX (Flight simulator X)

 recommeded computer to use

  • Minimum Computer Specification Windows 7 / 8 & 10 CPU Dual Core 2.0GHZ 1 GB memory, standard graphics card is compatible.
  • Recommended Computer Windows 7 / 8 & 10 CPU Quad Core 2.0GHZ, 4 GB of memory, Graphics card Resolution any size. The better the computer specification the better the performance.

 Simtouch Plus2 for Prepar3D&FSX

  •   100% Free to install &Use
  •   Autopilot
  •   Main Controls
  •   Engine
  •   Use with mouse or touch screen
  •   Use on Local or Remote Pc
  •   Gauges for Commercial & small aircraft
  •   Watch the video & see what it does

STPlu2 Video

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